Dynamics of Electroweak Phase Transition in the 3-3-1-1 Model

Binh Dinh Thanh, Phong Vo Quoc, Hoang Ngoc Long


The bubble nucleation in the framework of 3-3-1-1 model is studied. Previous studies show that first order electroweak phase transition occurs in two periods. In this paper we evaluate the bubble nucleation temperature throughout the parameter space. Using the stringent condition for bubble nucleation formation we find that in the first period, symmetry breaking from \(SU(3)\rightarrow SU(2)\), the bubble is formed at the nucleation temperature $T=150$ GeV and the lower bound of the scalar mass is 600 GeV. In the second period, symmetry breaking from \((SU(2)\rightarrow U(1)\), only subcritical bubbles are formed. This constraint eliminates the electroweak baryon genesis in the second period of the model.


electroweak phase transition; inflationary model; 3-3-1-1 model

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