Scattering Mechanisms from Roughness-induced Fluctuations in Charge Distributions in ZnO Surface Quantum Wells

Le Tuan, Nguyen Thanh Tien, Tran Thi An, Doan Nhat Quang


We present a theoretical study of roughness-related scattering
mechanisms for electrons in single heterostructures,
especilaly in Gaussian-doped ZnO surface quantum wells. We
show that besides the conventional scatterings there must exist
roughness-related mechanisms of charge origin, which stem from
fluctuations the electron density and the donor density in the bulk ZnO. The strength of the two
charge-origin scattering sources is found to be comparable with
the one of the standard one from fluctuations in the barrier
position. The effect of the dielectric discontinuity on the
scattering mechanisms is discussed.

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