The Study of Isomeric Ratios in Photonuclear Reactions Forming High Spin Isomers in the Giant Dipole Resonance Region

Tran Duc Thiep, Truong Thi An, Phan Viet Cuong, Nguyen The Vinh, Bui Minh Hue, A. G. Belov, O. D. Maslov


We studied the isomeric ratios  in  odd-odd nuclei \(^{196}\)Au,\(^{182}\)Ta  and \(^{194}\)Ir  with    high spin isomeric
states  produced  in \(^{197}\)Au\((\gamma,  n)\) \(^{196m,g}\)Au, \(^{183}\)W\((\gamma,  p)\) \(^{182m,g}\)Ta  and \(^{185}\)Pt\((\gamma,  p)\)
\(^{194m,g}\)Ir  reactions  by  using  the
activation  technique  and  \(\gamma\)-ray  spectroscopic  method  in  the  giant    dipole  resonance  (GDR)  region.  The
high-purity natural Au, W and Pt  foils in disc shape were irradiated with bremsstrahlungs  generated from
an  electron  accelerator  Microtron.  The  irradiated  foils  were  measured  by  the  high  resolution  \(\gamma\)-ray
spectroscopic system which consists of a Ge(HP) detector and a multichannel analyzer. In order to improve
the  accuracy  of  the  experimental  results,  necessary  corrections  were  made  in  the  \(\gamma\)-ray  activity
measurements and data analysis.  The results were  analyzed,  discussed and compared with those of other
authors  as well as with theoretical model calculations.  The study shows that the isomeric ratios in  nuclei
with high spin isomeric states are much lower than that in low spin isomeric state isomers.


photonuclear reaction, isomeric ratio, GDR region, reaction yield, impulse

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