Spacetimes with Pseudosymmetric Energy-momentum Tensor

Sahanous Mallick, Uday Chand De


The object of the present paper is to introduce spacetimes with pseudosymmetricenergy-momentum tensor. In this paper at first we consider the relation \(R(X,Y)\cdot T=fQ(g,T)\), that is, the energy-momentumtensor \(T\) of type (0,2) is pseudosymmetric. It is shown that in a general relativistic spacetimeif the energy-momentum tensor is pseudosymmetric, then the spacetime is also Ricci pseudosymmetricand the converse is also true. Next we characterize the perfect fluid spacetimewith pseudosymmetric energy-momentum tensor. Finally, we consider conformally flat spacetime withpseudosymmetric energy-momentum tensor.


Perfect fluid; Einstein's field equation; pseudosymmetric energy-momentum tensor.

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