Celebrating 30 Years of Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics: 1984 -2014

A Message from the Editor-in-Chief:


Dear Colleagues,

This year, the Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics (JCC) celebrates its 30 years of publication. The journal is with an excellent reputation and recognized as one of the best in the computer science and cybernetics in Vietnam.

JCC is a scientific journal of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology specialized in publishing research papers from national and international sources in the areas of computer science and cybernetics. From  original name of “Journal of Computational Science and Cybernetics” firstly published in 1985 on 32 pages, it changed in 1990 to “Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics”. And from 32 pages, the journal increased to 48 pages in 1994, then to 64 pages in 1998 and 96 pages for each issue since 2003. The first Editor-in-Chief was by Prof. DSc. Phan Dinh Dieu, and then followed by Prof. DSc. Bach Hung Khang and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Hai Khoi. The journal was bilingual in Vietnamese and English and quarterly published. However, from 2014, the journal has received the manuscripts prepared in English and from the issue No.4/2014 its publications have been in English only. Also from June 2014 its editorial board has become an international one consisting of some renowned international scientists from different areas of computer science and cybernetics. These professional scientists participate actively as reviewers for the journal. In addition, young and skillful scientists are also invited to the review process

The journal used to be under manual operation. Since 15 April 2012, it has been online over the Internet with online support for paper submission, review, and edition in order to bring the journal scientific quality and innovative up to the level similar to that of the international scientific journal.

Over the last 30 years, the JCC has received the exceptional attention from its owner – Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology – and the strong support from research institutions and universities. Furthermore, with the dynamic performance of the editorial board, the journal has reached significant achievements. Up to now, 30 volumes with over 1,000 articles have been published.

JCC is addressing many areas of computer science and control such as Networking; Computational methodology; Software engineering; Information systems; Artificial intelligence and Knowledge perception; Voice and image recognition; Databases; Mathematical foundation of computer science; System theory; Automatic control theory; Robotics; Process control; Control in power systems and renewable power systems; Traffic control systems; Land, sea, air, and space vehicular control systems; Biomedical, agricultural, forestry, environmental, and social, economic modeling and control; Control systems in national security and defense… Following this tradition, the JCC will be continuously maintained as an attractive journal for high-quality papers and novel developments in computer science and cybernetics.

For further information of the history of JCC, please visit the website http://vjs.ac.vn/index.php/jcc/index and enjoy your free access to a number of recent articles which will tell you more about the Journal’s aims and scope.


Yours very sincerely,

Pham Thuong Cat

Editor in Chief