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Truong Chi Tin, Tran Ngoc Anh, Duong Van Hai, Le Hoai Bac


The problem of high utility sequence mining (HUSM) in quantitative se-quence databases (QSDBs) is more general than that of frequent sequence mining in se-quence databases. An important limitation of HUSM is that a user-predened minimum tility threshold is used commonly to decide if a sequence is high utility. However, this is not convincing in many real-life applications as sequences may have diferent importance. Another limitation of HUSM is that data in QSDBs are assumed to be precise. But in the real world, collected data such as by sensor maybe uncertain. Thus, this paper proposes a framework for mining high utility-probability sequences (HUPSs) in uncertain QSDBs (UQS-DBs) with multiple minimum utility thresholds using a minimum utility. Two new width and depth pruning strategies are also introduced to early eliminate low utility or low probability sequences as well as their extensions, and to reduce sets of candidate items for extensions during the mining process. Based on these strategies, a novel ecient algorithm named HUPSMT is designed for discovering HUPSs. Finally, an experimental study conducted in both real-life and synthetic UQSDBs shows the performance of HUPSMT in terms of time and memory consumption.


High utility-probability sequence; uncertain quantitative sequence database; upper and lower bounds; width and depth pruning strategies;

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