Spatial variations of arsenic in groundwater from a transect in the Northwestern Hanoi

Dao Viet Nga, Pham Thi Kim Trang, Vu Thi Duyen, Tran Thi Mai, Vi Thi Mai Lan, Pham Hung Viet, Dieke Postma, Rasmus Jakobsen


Arsenic contamination of groundwater is a major health problem and has been a growing concern in the last decade in several regions of the world, especially in South and Southeast Asia, including the Red River delta, Vietnam. Regional groundwater studies have been carried out in the vicinity of Hanoi, on the banks of the Red River and its adjacent floodplains. In this study, the groundwater from a transect in the Northwestern area of Hanoi was examined. The results showed that 28.8% the wells of the B-B’ transect exceed the WHO guideline value for arsenic concentration in drinking water. The arsenic concentrations varied in a wide range from point to point, with the highest concentration found at Van Phuc and the lowest one found at Cam Yen. They also varied accordingly to the depth.


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Arsenic; groundwater; Northwestern Hanoi

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