Hydrogeochemistry characteristics and salinity of groundwater in Quaternary sediments in the coastal zone of Ha Tinh province

Phan Van Truong


The coastal zone of Ha Tinh contains three main aquifers in the Quaternary sediments, including the upper Holocene (qh2), lower Holocene (qh1) and Pleistocene (qp). The groundwater is related to three main infiltrate sources of Ca-Na-HCO3, Ca-HCO3 and Mg-HCO3 type; marine source with Na-Ca-HCO3, Na-Ca, Cl-Na-HCO3 type and mixed source of Na-Ca-HCO3, Na-Ca, Cl-Na-HCO3 type. The relative concentrations of ions in qh1 aquifer and qp aquifer are in the order of (Na++K+)> Mg2+>Ca2+ and Cl->HCO3->SO42-. The highly soluble Mg2+ and Ca2+ discharged from host rock ,participating in the chemical compositions of the groundwater are much greater than HCO3- from rain and surface water having (Ca+Mg)/HCO3 ratio higher than 0,5. Other less soluble ions in soil and silicate salt have an average (Na++K+)/total cations ratio  about 0.19. The fresh water distributes mainly in qh2 aquifer. The qp aquifer is salinized in an area of about 676 km2. The TDS concentrations in the groundwater is increased in dry season as compared to rainy season leading to, decreasing fresh water reservoir in the aquifers strongly effecting the local livelihood activities and socio-economic development.


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