Anh Thanh Tuan Pham, Ly Thi Trinh, Ngoc Kim Pham, Hoa Thi Lai, Truong Huu Nguyen, Dung Van Hoang, Hanh Thi Kieu Ta, Thu Nguyen Bao Le, Ngoc Van Le, Vinh Cao Tran, Thang Bach Phan


Thermoelectrics (TE) is well-known as a non-smoke technology for electricity production from waste heat and for greenhouse effect reduction. Enhancing power factor (PF = S2sigma, where S is Seebeck coefficient and sigma is electrical conductivity) and figure of merit of TE materials to achieve high-performance TE devices has attracted much scientific attention. Doping foreign elements into host bulk structure is a basic and traditional solution to modify the thermoelectric properties of materials. In this work, we use small amount of 0.5 at.% In as dopant which is incorporated into Ga-doped ZnO (GZO) bulk by using solid-state reaction method. The effects of In addition on electrical and thermoelectric characterizations of Ga-doped ZnO bulk are discussed in detail. As a result, the electrical conductivity of the IGZO bulk increases more than 20% as compared to the GZO bulk. The Seebeck coefficient decreases insignificantly, which leads to enhancing power factor by 55% from 184.4 uW/mK2 (GZO) to 285.2 uW/mK2 (IGZO) at 500oC. The results open possibility to enhance the figure of merit of pure and doped ZnO material.


Thermoelectric materials; Ga-doped ZnO bulk; In addition; power factor

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