Hong Nam Nguyen, Bùi Văn Đức, Ngoc Linh Vu, Hong Nam Nguyen, Thi Thu Ha Vu, Adisak Pattiya


Despite its prominent potential, the use of rubber wood (Hevea brasiliensis) for bio-oil production has not been fully investigated. This study reported experimental results of the bio-oil production and upgrading from rubber wood using fast pyrolysis technology. The effects of catalyst nature (vermiculite and dolomite), upgrading temperature and bio-oil/catalyst ratio on the product quality were deeply investigated. The results showed that dolomite was suitable to be used as a catalyst for bio-oil upgrading. At 600 °C and a bio-oil/catalyst ratio of 1:1, the bio-oil yield was maximized, while at 400 °C and a ratio of 1:3, the bio-oil heating value was maximized. Depending on usage purposes, a yield-oriented, heating value-oriented or in-between bio-oil upgrading solution could be considered.


Bio-oil production; catalyst upgrading; fast pyrolysis; rubber wood

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