Assessment of biocompatibility of acellular vascular grart from porcine carotid artery in vitro and in vivo

Quan Minh To, Ta Phuong Hung, Trinh Ngoc Le Van, Le Thi Vi Tuyet, Tran Le Bao Ha


Acellular vascular graft (MMVB) is one of the major research trends in cardiovascular tissue engineering because of its high abundance, low-cost and reduced immunogenicity. Biocompatibility is a key factor for its success. In this study, porcine carotids were decellularized by SDS 0,5%, distilled water to produce MMVBs. In vitro biocompatibility was assessed based on ISO 10993-5 (with fibroblasts) and mesenchymal stem cell (TBGTM) growth on lumen after 13 days. MMVBs was then transplanted under rodent skin to evaluate in vivo biocompatibility for a period of 4 weeks. Results showed that a combination of SDS 0.5% for 24 hours and distilled water for 24 hours removed all cells and preserved the extracellular matrix. MMVBs were non-toxic (level 0, according to ISO 10993-5) and supported the growth of TBGTM (peak at day 7). Haematoxylin/Eosin staining showed that inflammation was absent in the 4th week (similar to commercial Dacron grafts). In conclusion, MMVBs have biocompatibility in vitro and in vivo.



Acellular vascular graft, carotid artery, decellularization, biocompatibility, Dacron grafts.

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