Integration of CLUE-s model and GLOBIO3 model for biodiversity assessment in Cat Tien, Vietnam

Dinh Thi Kim Phuong, Nguyen Duc Tri


The lives of many species’ life as well as the entire ecosystem are under heavy pressure. Many potential solutions have therefore been developed to conserve and recover environmental ecology for sustainable use of biodiversity in terms of genetic resourses, species and ecosystem. Land-use types directly affect wildlife habitats, impacting both local and global biodiversity. The Conversion of Land-use and its effects at small regional extent (CLUE-s) model has been used to simulate land-use change. Meanwhile, the Global Biodiversity Model Framework (GLOBIO3) model has been used to estimate the mean species abundance (MSA) index to assess the global biodiversity based on many factors such as infrastructure, climate, and especially land-use change. In this research, we used the integrated model from CLUE-s and GLOBIO3 to estimate the MSA indexes and represent the biodiversity maps of Cat Tien district, Lam Dong province for the period of 2015-2020. Therefore, economic and infrastructure development are required to be put in environmental context to reduce the biodiversity loss.



Loss of biodiversity; MSA; CLUE-s model; GLOBIO3 model; land-use change.

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