Study on the ability of melanin in treatment of hepatitis

Phan Thi Thu, Bui Thi Van Khanh, Do Minh Ha, Nguyen Dinh Thang


In this study, the strong anti-oxidant melanin, isolated from squid ink-sac, was used to treat Swiss mice with chronic hepatitis caused by tetrachloro carbon (CCl4). Our results showed that melanin significantly reduced MDA concentration in liver and chemi-luminescent intensity in blood samples. Histological analysis also indicated that melanin could help necrotic mouse livers effectively recover to normal condition. Moreover, gene expression analysis showed increased transcription levels of SOD, GP-x, CAT and decreased transcription level of COX-2 in liver samples of mice with chronic hepatitis compared to those of control mice. In summary, results of this study suggested that melanin can be a potential candidate for treatment of oxidative stress and hepatic inflammation.


Anti-oxydant, CCl4, hepatic inflammation, malondialdehyde (MDA), melanin.

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