Short communication: A survey on parasitoids of rice pest insects in Sisophon, Northwest Cambodia

Khuat Dang Long, Yorn Try


Of the total nine hymenopteran parasitic wasps revealed from rice paddy in Sisophon, Northwest Cambodia, there are six larval braconid parasitoids: Apanteles cypris Nixon, Bracon onukii Watanabe, Dolochogenidea agilis Ashmead, Pentatermus striatus (Szepligeti), Taiwanhormius sp., Tropobracon luteus Cameron (Braconidae); two pupal ichneumonid species: Casinaria colacae Sonan, Xanthopimla flavolineata Cameron (Ichneumonidae), and one egg scelionid parasitoid: Telenomus rowani Gahan (Scelionidae). Additionally, all the species were recorded for the first time for Cambodia’s fauna.

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