Affect on biosynthesis of laccase from Pleurotus sp. by some metal ions

Nguy Thi Mai Thao, Tran Van Khue, Luong Bao Uyen


The biosynthesis of laccase from Pleurotus sp. can be effected by adding phenolic compounds or metal ions. In this study, laccase activity increased 105% when adding 0.5 mM CuSO4 into culture media. Addition CuSO4 in different time led to the highest activity of laccase achieved in the different days of cultivation. The highest laccase activity achieved 1,333 U/ml và 1,407 U/ml after 7 days cultivation if copper was added on the third and fouth day, however, when Cu2+ ion was added on the fifth day, the highest laccase activity attained 1,332 U/ml after 14 days. The highest laccase activity only reached 1,000 U/ml after 10 days cultivation in the samples, which CuSO4 was added on day 6, 7. In contrast, other heavy metals such as: Co2+, Cd2+, Hg2+, Mn2+ inhibit the growth and biosynthesis of laccase of this mushroom.


Pleurotus, heavy metal, laccase, multicopper oxidase.

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