A study on biological characteristics of hybrid of Lentinula edodes from a wildstrain (Langbiang mountain, Lam Dong) and a commercial one (Japan)

Pham Nu Kim Hoang, Truong Binh Nguyen, Le Xuan Tham, Pham Huu Hung, Hoang Ngoc Anh, Do Thi Thien Ly


Lentinula edodes is a favorable edible mushroom in the world. Its successful cultivation requires not only good and high yield strains but also the appropriate nutrient sources and environmental conditions. A hybrid strain (Len 003-009) is the result of the mating between a commercial strain (Japan) (Len 009) and a wild one (Langbiang mountain, Lam Dong) (Len 003). Studying some biological characteristics of the hybrid showed that its growth rate was similar to or quicker than that of the commercial strain and about twice as rapid as that of the wild one. The hybrid also represented some heredity characteristics from its parents. In addition, the optimal growth of the hybrid and the commercial strain were similar with the temperature from 24 to 27 degree Celsius, the concentration of glucose and peptone being 20 g/l and 1 g/l, respectively. Moreover, its parents could only optimally grow at the different levels of pH (pH=5 in Len 009 and pH=6 in Len 003), while the hybrid could do that in both mentioned levels. Again, this showed good characteristics of hybrid got from its parents. All strains did not have any demand for yeast extract during their growth and development. Thus, it could not evaluate whether there was any inheritance from its parents or not from this experiment.


Lentinula edodes, yeast extract, hybrid strains, Lam Dong.

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