Biodiversity of meiofauna community in Da Nang bay and Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang province

Nguyen Dinh Tu, Nguyen Vu Thanh


The first result on meiofaunal community in the Da Nang bay and Son Tra peninsula was reported. Nine meiofaunal groups: Nematoda, Harpacticoids-Copepods, Turbelaria, Kinorhyncha, Polychaeta, Oligochaeta, Ostracoda, Halacaroidea and Insect larvae were recorded. Among them, Nematoda was the most predominant group with 96.36% of meiofaunal community of samples in term of individuals. Harpacticoids-Copepods followed with 1.84% and Polygochaeta and other groups occupied less than 1%.

A total of 30 species marine nematodes belonging to 13 families of 3 orders were identified so far. The ratio of Nematoda/Copepoda (N/C) in all investigated stations was fluctuated between 16 and 78 according to the Warwick’s N/C ratio. With high diversity indexes, the environment quality seems to be good except two satations DN1 and DN3 that might be more disturbed.


Meiofauna, Nematodes, Da Nang bay, Son Tra peninsula

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