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Nghiên cứu giảm nhiễu điện cho pin nhiệt

Phạm Mạnh Thảo, Doãn Anh Tú, Lã Minh Tuân, Nguyễn Văn Kỳ


This paper describes an effort to overcome the short-circuit (sometimes called “electric noise”) causing by lithium-calcium alloy formed in the thermal cell with calcium metal as anode. In the first method, calcium-containing compounds were created on the surface by immersing anode calcium in glacial acetic acid solution in acetone, followed by drying stage at different temperatures. Compounds containing Ca2+ such as calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, calcium acetate and carbonate inhibit the formation of CaLi2 alloy at the anode surface in contact with the electrolyte so that significantly reduced short-circuit in the cell. In another method, lithium chromate was added in the KCl-LiCl eutectic mixture in the separator. In cells applied both of the methods there wasn’t any “electric noise” observed.

Keywords: Thermal cell, calcium anode, lithium-calcium alloy, lithium chromate.


Thermal cell, calcium anode, lithium-calcium alloy, lithium chromate

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