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Synthesis of silver nanoparticles deposited in porous ceramic by γ-irradiation

Bui Duy Du, Nguyen Thuy Ai Trinh, Ngo Manh Thang, Nguyen Thi Kim Lan, Dang Van Phu, Nguyen Quoc Hien


Silver nanoparticles (Ag nano) were deposited in porous ceramic (PC) that was functionalized with aminosilane (AS) agent (PC-AS-Ag nano) by gamma Co-60 irradiation of the PC-AS/Ag+ mixture using polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) as stabilizer. Effect of dose on the formation of Ag nano was investigated. Characteristics of the nanocomposite material (PC-AS-Ag nano) were determined by ultraviolet visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis), X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES). Results indicated that Ag nano size was ~9 nm and the Ag nano content in PC-AS-Ag nano material was about of 341 ± 51 mg/kg at dose of 14-20 kGy. Thus, gamma Co-60 irradiation method has the advantage of creation of small Ag nanoparticles with fairly homogenous distribution in PC material.


Porous ceramic, silver nano, gamma Co-60

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