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Sesquiterpenes from marine sponge Dysidea fragilis

Phan Van Kiem, Nguyen Thi Cuc, Dan Thi Thuy Hang, Duong Thi Dung, Nguyen Xuan Nhiem, Hoang Le Tuan Anh, Pham Hai Yen, Do Cong Thung, Chau Van Minh


By various chromatographic separations, three sesquiterpenes, furodysinin lactone (1), O-methyl furodysinin lactone (2) and  O-methyl-9-oxofurodysinin lactone (3) were isolated from Vietnamese marine sponge Dysidea fragilis. Their structures were determined by 1D-, 2D-NMR spectra and in comparison with the reported data. Compound 3 was reported from sponge D. fragilis for the first time.


Dysidea fragilis, sesquiterpene

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