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Synthesis of chromene derivatives using microwave-assisted method

Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai, Le Thi Hong Nhung


Eleven new chromens have been synthesized by condensation reaction of some amines with 6-butoxy-2-oxo-2H-chromene-4-carbaldehyde 4 or 3-acetyl-6-substituted-2H-chromene-2-one 7 under microwave irradiation. This method offers several advantages: fast reaction rates and significantly high yields. The products were equally available and their structures were confirmed by IR, 1H-and 13C-NMR spectral data. Antimicrobial activities of the obtained compounds have been tested. The results showed that they possess remarkable antimicrobial activities  against Candida albicans.

Keywords. Chromene; solvent-free; microwave-assisted method.


Chromene; solvent-free; microwave-assisted method

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