Tổng hợp các N-axetyl-3-indolinon

Trần Văn Sung, Nguyễn Văn Tuyến, Trần Văn Lộc, Phạm Văn Cường


A convenient and simple method for the synthesis of N-acyl-3-indolinones was developed.  The acylation reaction was carried  out  by treatment of  N-aryl acetamides 5a-c with monochloroacetyl chloride in the presence of aluminium (III) chloride (AlCl3) to give  N-[2-(2-chloroacetyl)aryl]acetamides 6a-c and subsequent the intramolecular cyclization of  these acetamides by treatment with sodium hydride afforded N-acetyl-3-indolinones (7a-c) in good yields (71-87%).

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