Permeation properties of light hydrocarbons through TS 1 membrane

Cong Tien Dung, Vlastimil Fila, Phuong Thao, Ngo Thi Thuan


The work presents permeation and separation characteristics of Titanosilicate (TS‑1) membrane measured for single components and equimolar binary mixtures such as ethane/methane, propane/methane, n‑butane/methane and n‑butane/isobutane. TS‑1 membrane was prepared on stainless steel support using the secondary crystal growth technique. The thickness of composite TS‑1 membrane was about 8 μm. From the single component characteristics of
TS‑1 membrane, the highest flux was observed for ethane. In the case of binary mixture separation, the separation factors measured at 50 °C were 24 (n‑butane/methane), 19 (propane/methane) and 6 (ethane/methane) with the fluxes in the range from 3 to 21 mmol.m-2.s-1 confirming preparation of high quality TS‑1 membrane.

Keywords. TS‑1 membrane, gas separation, MFI membrane, light hydrocarbon.


TS‑1 membrane, gas separation, MFI membrane, light hydrocarbon

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