A global-local approach to the design of dynamic vibration absorber for damped inverted pendulum structures

N. D. Anh, N. X. Nguyen


In practice, an inverted pendulum can be used to model many real structures as the arms of robots, soil structures, or fluid structures. However, the study on the design of dynamic vibration absorber for inverted pendulum structures is very limited in the literature. To the best knowledge of the authors, however, there has been no study on the dynamic vibration absorber when the primary inverted pendulum structure is damped. This paper deals with the optimization problem of dynamic vibration absorber for inverted pendulum structures. Two novel findings of the present study are summarized as follows. First, the optimal parameters of dynamic vibration absorber for undamped inverted pendulum structures are given by using \(H_{\infty }\) optimization. Second, the authors suggest a so-called global-local approach to determine approximate expressions for optimal parameters of a pendulum type absorber attached to a damped inverted pendulum structure. Finally, a numerical simulation is done for an example of the articulated tower in the ocean to validate the effectiveness of the results obtained in this work.


Dynamic vibration absorber; inverted pendulum; damped structure; global-local approach; analytical solutions

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