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Vol 29, No 3 (2007) An approach to study vibration in stochastic systems based on the asymptotic method Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Tien Khiem
Vol 40, No 1 (2018) An approximate formula for the H/V ratio of Rayleigh waves in compressible pre-stressed elastic half-spaces coated with a thin layer Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Thi Khanh Linh, Pham Chi Vinh, Le Thi Hue
Vol 22, No 1 (2000) An approximate method for analysing non-linear systems subject to random excitation Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Dong Anh, Ninh Quang Hai
Vol 37, No 1 (2015) An approximate secular equation of Rayleigh waves in an elastic half-space coated by a thin weakly inhomogeneous elastic layer Abstract   PDF
Pham Chi Vinh, Vu Thi Ngoc Anh
Vol 35, No 4 (2013) An effective algorithm for reliability-based optimization of stiffened Mindlin plate Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Thoi Trung, Bui Xuan Thang, Ho Huu Vinh, Lam Phat Thuan, Ngo Thanh Phong
Vol 33, No 4 (2011) An efficient homogenization method using the trigonometric interpolation and the fast fourier transform Abstract   PDF
Ngoc-Trung Nguyen, Christian Licht, Jin-Hwe Kweon
Vol 38, No 1 (2016) An efficient numerical procedure for calculating periodic vibrations of elastic mechanisms Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Van Khang, Nguyen Phong Dien, Nguyen Sy Nam
Vol 31, No 2 (2009) An enforced essential boundary condition by penalty method in the element-free Galerkin (EFG) methods Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Hoai Son
Vol 41, No 2 (2019) An enhanced nodal gradient finite element for non-linear heat transfer analysis Abstract   PDF
Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Tich Thien Truong, Tinh Quoc Bui
Vol 20, No 2 (1998) An equivalent linearization for the drag force in the Morison's equation using Hermite polynomial error sample function Abstract   PDF
N. H. Thinh, N. D. Anh, D. A. Cuong
Vol 38, No 4 (2016) An evolutionary-based optimization algorithm for truss sizing design Abstract   PDF
Pham Hoang Anh
Vol 34, No 2 (2012) An explicit secular equation of Rayleigh waves propagating along an obliquely cut surface in a directional fiber-reinforced composite Abstract   PDF
Pham Chi Vinh, Nguyen Thi Khanh Linh
Vol 14, No 2 (1992) An extension of the E. Melan's shakedown theorem of the elasto-plastic structure Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Van Pho
Vol 30, No 1 (2008) An extension of the identification algorithm for feedback active control of incomplete measured systems Abstract   PDF
La Duc Viet, Nguyen Dong Anh
Vol 22, No 4 (2000) An identification algorithm for feedback active control Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Dong Anh
Vol 32, No 1 (2010) An implementation of smoothed particle hydrodynamic methods for fluids problems Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Hoai Son, Nguyen Duy Hung
Vol 21, No 3 (1999) An implicit algorithm for computation of overflow in flood plains Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Tat Dac
Vol 39, No 4 (2017) An improved numerical method for a 2D pollution water model: Direct model Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Hong Phong, Tran Thu Ha, F. X. Le Dimet, Duong Ngoc Hai
Vol 31, No 3-4 (2009) An inequality for a quadratic functional Abstract   PDF
Le Khanh Chau
Vol 30, No 4 (2008) An interesting material that appears to be fit to possibly all future mechanical vibration textbooks Abstract   PDF
Isaac Elishakoff
Vol 31, No 3-4 (2009) An intermediate asymptotic solution of the coupled creep-damage crack problem in similarity variables Abstract   PDF
Larisa V. Stepanova
Vol 39, No 2 (2017) An isogeometric SGBEM for crack problems of magneto-electro-elastic materials Abstract   PDF
Han Duc Tran, Binh Huy Nguyen
Vol 33, No 3 (2011) An object-oriented design method to implement the mechatronic system control by using hybrid automata and real-time UML Abstract   PDF
Vu Duy Quang, Ngo Van Hien
Vol 24, No 4 (2002) Analysis of cracked plate membrane problem using Metis finite element model Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Dang Hung, Tran Thanh Ngoc
Vol 20, No 1 (1998) Analysis of dynamics of automobile cranes with the account of the rope elasticity Abstract   PDF
Phan Nguyen Di, Bui Khac Gay
Vol 22, No 4 (2000) Analysis of exceedance probability of displacement response of randomly nonlinear structures Abstract   PDF
Luu Xuan Hung
Vol 3, No 2 (1981) Analysis of orthogonal plates by the theory of equivalences Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Manh Yen
Vol 27, No 1 (2005) Analysis of some nonlinear deterministic oscillators using extended averaged equation approach Abstract   PDF
Ninh Quang Hai
Vol 30, No 2 (2008) Analysis of stiffened laminated composite plates by finite element based on higher-order displacement theory Abstract   PDF
Tran Ich Thinh, Tran Huu Quoc
Vol 1, No 1-2 (1979) Ảnh hưởng của lõi đất dưới đáy móng đối với sư phân bố ứng suất trong nền đất Abstract   PDF
Le Quy An
Vol 12, No 1 (1990) Ảnh hưởng của nguồn nhiệt và sự phụ thuộc nhiệt độ đến đối lưu trong kênh của chất lỏng quy luật mũ Abstract
Vu Duy Quang, Nguyen Que
Vol 11, No 3 (1989) Ảnh hưởng của quá trình đặt tải phức tạp trong bài toán ổn định ngoài giới hạn đàn hồi của bản vỏ Abstract   PDF
Dao Huy Bich
Vol 3, No 2 (1981) Ảnh hưởng của tham số dạng xung và độ chậm lên chế độ dao động của hệ Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Khac Lan
Vol 7, No 3 (1985) Ảnh hưởng của thay đổi tham số đến tần số riêng và dạng dao động riêng của hệ dao động Abstract   PDF
Phan Nguyen Di
Vol 4, No 1 (1982) Ảnh hưởng tính chịu nén của nền lên dao động uốn của cột tháp nước Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Ngoc Ve
Vol 17, No 4 (1995) Anthropomorphous robot and kinematics model in general form Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Thien Phuc
Vol 27, No 4 (2005) Application of generalized diffusion theory for calculation of particle distribution in suspension flow between two vertically coaxial cylinders Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Hong Phan
Vol 25, No 2 (2003) Application of numerical water force to a small sport boat running on a lake Abstract   PDF
H.T. Tran, S. Bikowski, C. D. Wolf, P. Maiber
Vol 29, No 1 (2007) Application of the curvature smoothing technique for four-node quadrilateral Reissner-Mindlin plate element Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Xuan Hung, Ngo Thanh Phong
Vol 25, No 2 (2003) Applying the contact element for simulation of interaction between drillstring and holewall Abstract   PDF
Le Phuoc Hao, Ta Quoc Dung
Vol 26, No 4 (2004) Applying the genetic algorithm and the consequential convex approximation programming for composite structure optimization Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Thoi Trung, Ngo Thanh Phong
Vol 23, No 2 (2001) Approximate analysis of some two-degree-of-freedom nonlinear random systems by an extension of Gaussian equivalent linearization Abstract   PDF
Luu Xuan Hung
Vol 39, No 4 (2017) Approximate formula for the H/V ratio of Rayleigh waves in incompressible orthotropic half-spaces coated by a thin elastic layer Abstract   PDF
Pham Chi Vinh, Tran Thanh Tuan, Le Thi Hue
Vol 7, No 4 (1985) Approximate methods for solving the boundary value problem of the theory of plasticity with complex loading Abstract   PDF
Dao Huy Bich
Vol 18, No 1 (1996) Approximate technique for determining parameters of the miniature mechanical systems Abstract   PDF
Phan Nguyen Di
Vol 37, No 4 (2015) Approximated analytical frequency response of a pendulum structure attached with two orthogonal dynamic vibration absorbers Abstract
La Duc Viet, Nguyen Ba Nghi
Vol 21, No 3 (1999) Associated equations and their corresponding resonance curve Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Van Dinh
Vol 31, No 1 (2009) Asymptotic expansion of the dispersion equation of Lamb waves in periodically layered elastic media Abstract   PDF
Bui Thanh Tu, Pham Chi Vinh, Nguyen Thi Khanh Linh
Vol 31, No 2 (2009) Asymptotic solution of the high order partial differential equation Abstract   PDF
Hoang Van Da, Tran Dinh Son, Nguyen Duc Tinh
Vol 40, No 3 (2018) Atomistic simulation of the uniaxial compression of black phosphorene nanotubes Abstract   PDF
Van-Trang Nguyen, Minh-Quy Le
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