Amplification of Ultrashort Titan-sapphire Laser Pulses Using Chirped-pulse Amplification Technique

Pham Huy Thong, Nguyen Xuan Tu, Nguyen Van Diep, Pham Van Duong, Pham Hong Minh, Vu Thi Bich, O. A. Buganov, S. A. Tikhomirov, Marilou Cadatal-Raduban


We report on a Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA)-based Titanium:Sapphire (Ti:Al2O3 or Ti:Sapphire) amplifier that uses a single grating stretcher and compressor configuration. The 8-pass amplifier configuration is able to yield 70 μJ pulse energy at 10 Hz repetition rate, which corresponds to a gain of 7000 times. The amplified pulses are expected to be transform-limited with pulse duration of 85 fs. This amplifier will expand the application of our Ti:Sapphire laser at the Vietnam Academy of Sciences (VAST).


Ti:Sapphire laser; chirped pulse amplification; femtosecond pulse; ultrashort laser; stretcher and compressor pulse

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