Size effect of R-TiO\(_{2}\) (Micro- and Nano-) Particles on the Mechanical Property, Weathering Durability of Water-based Acrylic Coating

Thien Vuong Nguyen, Thi My Linh Dang, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Thi Huong Thuy Hoang


This work aims to clarify the difference between the
influence of TiO\(_{2}\) particles at micrometer and nanometer sizes on the
mechanical properties and weathering durability of water-based acrylic
coatings. To prepare coatings, micro-R-TiO\(_{2}\) and nano R-TiO\(_{2}\) 
particles with 2 wt.% content were dispersed in the emulsion acrylic
polymer by ultrasonic vibration. The coatings without TiO\(_{2}\) particles,
with 2 wt.% micro R-TiO\(_{2}\) and with 2 wt.% nano R-TiO\(_{2}\) were
tested for abrasion resistance, weathering aging in UV/CON accelerated
weathering chamber. Weathering aging was assessed by IR quantitative
analysis, the weight loss of the coating. The obtained results showed that
the micro R-TiO\(_{2}\) with the 2 wt.% content enhanced simultaneously the
abrasion resistance and weathering durability of water-based acrylic
coatings but not as effectively as nano R-TiO\(_{2}\). Incorporation of 2
wt.% micro-R-TiO\(_{2}\) increased slightly the abrasion resistance of
coating from 78.4 to 98.9 lite/mil (26% increase) while with addition of
nano-R-TiO\(_{2}\) at the same content, the abrasion resistance was
significantly improved from 78.4 to 129.3 lite/mil (65% increase). After
48 aging cycles, the alkane CH groups and weight of the coatings without
R-TiO\(_{2}\) particles, containing 2 wt.% micro-R-TiO\(_{2}\), containing
nano-R-TiO\(_{2}\) lost 34.2% and 17.4%; 23.8% and 13%; 13.7% 
and 13%, respectively.

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