Multiband Metamaterial Absorber in a Ring Structure Base on High-order Magnetic Resonance

Thi Hien Nguyen, Thi Anh Hong Nguyen, Thi Nga Dinh, Xuan Khuyen Bui, Son Tung Bui, Xuan Ca Nguyen, Van Ngoc Nguyen, Ba Tuong Nguyen, Dinh Lam Vu


We proposed a multi-band metamaterial absorber (MA) based on high-order magnetic resonance using ring-shaped structures. We obtained three absorption peaks at 4.71 GHz (the fundamental resonance), 13.39 GHz (the third-order behavior), and 19.91 GHz (the fifth-order behavior) with correspondent absorptions of 90%, 100%, and 99.33%, respectively. Therefore, these high-order perfect absorptions are the potential to make the easier fabrication for the next generation of MAs, especially in high-frequency regions. Particular, the obtained results are further controlled using the LC circuit model. Besides, by scaling down the unit-cell size, the third- and fifth-order absorptions are created in the THz frequency band.


metamaterials; perfect absorber; high-order resonance

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