Uncorrelated electron-hole transition Energy in GaN│InGaN│GaN Spherical QDQW Nanoparticles

Haddou El Ghazi, Anouar Jorio, Izeddine Zorkani


The electron (hole) energy and uncorrelated \(1S_e - 1S_{h}\) electron-hole transition in Core(GaN)| well(In\(_x\)Ga\(_{1 - x}\)N)| shell(GaN) spherical QDQW nanoparticles is investigated as a function of the inner and the outer radii. The calculations are performed within the framework of the effective-mass approximation and the finite parabolic potential confinement barrier in which two confined parameters are taking account. The Indium composition effect is also investigated. A critical value of the outer and the inner ratio is obtained which constitutes the turning point of two indium composition behaviors.



Transition Energy, Parabolic Potential, Spherical nanoparticles

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