Graphene Effect on Efficiency of TiO2-based Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC)

Nguyen Thai Ha, Pham Duy Long, Nguyen Thanh Trung, Le Van Hong


Colloidal paste of TiO2 embedded with graphene (GS) was fabricated and used to spread TiO\(_2\) film photo-electrode of DSSC solar cells. The dye N179 and Iodine-based electrolyte were used in the DSSC solar cells. Raman scattering, SEM images were used to identify the material phases and microstructure of the film photo-electrode. I/V characteristics of the DSSC cells were recorded at room temperature. Open-circuit voltage Voc, short-current \(J_{sc}\) and efficiency η of the DSSC cells were estimated. It shows that graphene addition has affected on \(V_{oc}\),\(J_{sc}\) and \(\eta\). The \(V_{oc}\),\(J_{sc}\) and \(\eta\) abnormally depend on graphene content. The efficiency reached a maximal value with graphen concentration of 0.005 wt %, after that decreased. It is supposed to be related with an improving the charge transfer in the working photo-electrode of DSSC.


graphene sheets (GS), dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC),

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