Ong Mau Dung


Nowadays, mobile Internet becomes increasingly popular and the number of mobile users is growing exponentially. With a traditional clients-server connection, servers are usually in overload state by a huge number of users accessing the service at the same time. Moreover, in a century of “green” Internet technology, it should be more effective in content distribution for a huge number of users. Named-Data Networking (NDN) had been proposed as the promising solution for above problem, which is a content name-oriented approach to disseminate content to edge gateways/routers. In NDN, popular contents are cached at routers for a certain time, and the previously queried one can be reused for multiple times to save bandwidth. In this paper, we propose a solution for Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile network based on the concept of NDN. By OPNET Modeler simulation, we carry out the evaluation in realistic mobile network with a huge number of mobility LTE mobile stations access to a single server, where content names and content sizes are obtained from real trace of Internet traffic. The obtained results show that Evolved Packet Core (EPC) caching scheme can helps to further increases the quality of service as well as offloads server traffic significantly.


LTE mobile network, Pareto distribution, caching, data traffic offloading.

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