Phi Hung Dao, Anh Hiep Nguyen, Van Phuc Mac, Van Thanh Trinh, Thien Vuong Nguyen, Thanh Minh Do


Aging of waterborne paint on the base of acrylic resin emulsion with and without green Luconyl have been investigated by general appearance assessment, adhesion change, FT-IR and discoloration. The obtained results showed that the both of paint-formulas coatings had no cracks, blisters, flacks and there was no change of adhesion during the aging process. However, IR analysis indicated that there were some changes in chemical structures of coating with and without Green Luconyl during aging process. To specify, IR spectrums of initial and aged coating no containing Green Luconyl illustrated aging process led content of O-H and C=C increased significantly but baseline of spectra was fairly unchanged. For coating filled Green Luconyl, IR spectrums’ shape was fairly stable but baseline saw a clear reduce during accelerated weather exposure. Moreover, SEM images indicated that surfaces morphology of samples changed differently depending on in presence of organic pigment. Surface of aged coating without Luconyl saw rougher than surface of coating with Luconyl after aging process. Hence, the weather aging test had more significant influence on paint coating in absence of Luconyl than paint coating in presence of Luconyl. It was explained that the macroradical produced in aging process would attack into conjugated double bonds of Luconyl instead of double bonds of AC-261 leading to aged coating filled Luconyl become more opaque than initial while coating no filled Luconyl had significant changes in chemical structure during aging process. Although this was a hypothesis, it saw a suitable with the obtained results. The paint coating in presence of Luconyl illustrated significant color change, especially, showed the loss of green color while the other paint coating showed slight color change.


Acrylic emulsion, organic pigment, TiO2, water based paint, architectural paint

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