Nguyen Thi Kim An, Ngo Dai Quang, Pham Quoc Long, Tran Thi Thu Thuy


Five prenylated caged xanthones, desoxymorellin, morellic acid, gambogic acid, isogambogic acid and 10α-butoxy gambogic acid , were isolated from the stem bark of Garcinia hanburyi collected in Vietnam. Their structures were elucidated by detailed 1D, 2D NMR spectroscopic analyses and comparison with reported data. Two major constituents, gambogic acid and isogambogic acid, displayed strong cytotoxicity against LLC and SK-LU-1cell lines with IC50 values in the range from 0.35±0.05 µM to 2.26±0.19 µM. This is the first study on the cytotoxicity of gambogic acid and isogambogic acid against LLC and SK-LU-1 lung cancer cell lines.


prenylated caged xanthones, Garcinia hanburyi, gambogic acid, cytotoxicity, LLC and SK-LU-1

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