Study the appropriate conditions to obtain germinated brown rice with high biological activity

Van Anh Luu, Hang Thanh Nguyen, Giang Truong Nguyen



Germinated brown rice strains contain more bioactive substances than germinated regular rice ones, however germination conditions play an important role in the activity and the content of those substances. The proper germination process provides the optimized active ingredients from rice that can be used for the production of nutritious beverages. In this study, we investigated the effects of pH, temperature and incubation time in microaerobic culture condition on the change of bioactive substances in AnhDao brown rice. The optimal germination condition with pH at 3, temperature of 35 0C and time for 36h release 109.11U/g of the α-amylase activity, 17.22(U/g) of the enzyme glutamate decacboxylase (GAD), 1.38(U/g) of protease, 231.76mg/100g of GABA content and 21.9 (mgGAE/100g) of polyphenol from germinated AnhDao brown rice. In nutrient evaluation, germinated AnhDao brown rice contains 65.53% of starch, 2.49% of lipid, 9.13%of protein, 2.04% of reducing sugar, and 1.26% of ash.

Key words: Germinated brown rice, bioactive substances, α-amylase, protease, glutamate decacboxylase (GAD), Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA).

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Bioteknologi Agrikultur

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