Hoang Thi Thu-Huong, Hong Thi Pham, Chung Thuy Nguyen, Hien Thi Thu Nguyen


Heavy metal pollution in urban lakes of Hanoi has become one of the major environmental issues in the last decades. Research on the toxicity of Pb is necessary due to the extent of its harm to aquatic ecosystems. The toxicity of Pb to aquatic organisms (EC50 values) depends on different environmental conditions. The study was conducted to evaluate the effect of temperature on the toxicity of Pb on the test organism Moina Dubia.  Moina Dubia belongs to the Cladocera group (Cladocera) which is an indigenous creature collected at Lake Hanoi.  Moina Dubia was cultured under laboratory conditions and has been used to conduct EC50 determination for Pb. Moina Dubia grew and developed well in the laboratory and was suitable as a test organism in toxicological studies. A survey from 24oC to 28oC water temperature conditions showed that the EC50 value decreases from 1402 ug/l to 775 ug/l. The higher water temperature, the higher toxicity level of Pb on Moina Dubia. Clear impact of water temperature on toxicity of heavy metal as Pb showed that global warming may gradually lead to potential biodegradation in freshwater ecology.


metal toxicity, macro-zooplankton, Moina Dubia, urban lakes

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