Thuy Thi Pham, Hung Quoc Nguyen, Khai Manh Nguyen


The incredible growth of plastic waste is a major concern for the whole society in recent years. The accumulation of plastic waste has badly effects on wildlife, habitat, and humans. Plastics that act as pollutants are categorized into different sizes, from micro to macro. Disposable plastic waste was collected at the bakery shop and removed the residue food by tap water and NaOH 1M to remove residual food. This study focuses on modify waste plastic by sulfuric acid to bind the sulfonated function group on the structure of the polystyrene chain at room temperature. The sulfonated product was used for removing heavy metal ion in water with the mechanism of the ion exchange process. The prepared ion exchange material was characterized by FTIR and SEM to ensure that the sulfonation process has happened. The chromium (III) ion removal by modified ion exchange product in continuous mode was affected by an operational parameter such as the bed height of sulfonated material. The Yoon-Nelson and Thomas model were used to analyze the experimental result and the model parameters were evaluated. From this result, it can be concluded that with the increasing amount of sulfonated waste polystyrene, exchange capacity, and the time required for a 50% adsorbate breakthrough was higher.


sulfonation, chromium removal, wastewater treatment, polystyrene waste, ion exchange

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