Cao Duc Tuan, Doan Thi Mai Huong, Truong Bich Ngan, Vu Thi Quyen, Le Thi Hong Minh, Murphy Brian, Chau Van Minh, Pham Van Cuong


In the course of our screening program, the EtOAc extract of a Micromonospora sp. (strain G044) from sponge Tethya aurantium of the sea of Côtô - Thanh Lân exhibited antimicrobial activity against Enterococcus faecalis, Bacillus cereus and Candida albicans. In this paper, we reported the isolation and structural elucidation of six secondary metabolites Cyclo-(Pro-Trp) (1), Cyclo-(Pro-Met) (2), Cyclo-(Pro-Val) (4), N-acetyltryptamine (3), uridine (5), and 2-phenylacetic acid (6) from the cultures broth of Micromonospora sp. (strain G044). The structures of 1 – 6 were determined by analyses of MS and 2D NMR data. All compounds were evaluated for their antimicrobial activity against a panel of clinically significant microorganisms. Compound 1 inhibited Escherichia coli with a MIC value of 128 µg/ml.


Micromonospora sp., marine microorganisms, antimicrobial activity, Cyclo-(Pro-Trp), Cyclo-(Pro-Met), Cyclo-(Pro-Val).

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