A study on screening of cholesterol-lowering lactic acid bacteria


  • Duong Nhat Linh HCMC Open University
  • Le Thi Anh Thien HCMC Open University
  • Pham Tran Phuong Dung HCMC Open University
  • Pham Thi Minh Trang HCMC Open University
  • Nguyen Van Minh HCMC Open University
  • Tran Cat Dong University of Medicine & Pharmacy at HCMC




Bile salt hydrolase, cholesterol, bile salt deconjugation, natri taurocholate, lactic acid bacteria.


Hypercholesterolemia increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases; therefore controlling blood cholesterol levels is a critical measure to prevent cardiovascular diseases. In recent years, there have been many studies on cholesterol-lowering effect of lactic acid bacteria. In this work, we have screened lactic acid bacteria isolated from breast milk, new-born’s faeces, fermented vegetables and naturally fermented milk for bile salt deconjugation activity, bile salt hydrolase (BSH) production and ability of cholesterol absorption via binding with cell surface. We have identified 32 strains with BSH producing and cholesterol absorption activities. Among these, strain VN2.2 showed the highest BSH activity of 5.061 U/mg and strain YK1.1 showed the highest cholesterol absorption activity of 79.921%. These strains can be developed further for probiotic application.


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Linh, D. N., Anh Thien, L. T., Phuong Dung, P. T., Minh Trang, P. T., Minh, N. V., & Dong, T. C. (2014). A study on screening of cholesterol-lowering lactic acid bacteria. Academia Journal of Biology, 36(1se), 47–53. https://doi.org/10.15625/0866-7160/v36n1se.4361