The mitochondrial dna 4977 bp deletion in breast cancer patients


  • Luu Huyen Trang VAST
  • Nguyen Thi Tu Linh
  • Do Minh Ha
  • Ta Van To
  • Trinh Hong Thai



4977 bp deletions, breast cancer, DNA sequencing, mitochondrial DNA, nested PCR


The large scale deletions of mitochondrial DNA, the common 4977 bp deletion was identified in many different diseases, including cancer. However, understanding of the relationship between 4977 bp deletion of mitochondrial DNA and breast cancer have not been fully elucidated. The studies of this mutation have not been carried out in patients with breast cancer in Vietnam so far. In this study, we identified 4977 bp deletion of mitochondrial DNA in patients with breast cancer. Using nested PCR with two primer pairs, we detected 4977 bp deletion in patients with breast cancer at the rate of 89.42% and this deletion associated with breast cancer in Vietnam. The percentage of 4977 bp deletion in adjacent tissues (70.04%) is higher than in tumor tissue (60.58%) (p<0.05). Using cloning method and DNA sequencing of PCR products, some large scale deletions in mitochondrial DNA were also found in the breast tissue of breast cancer patients, including: 4753, 5012, 5065, 5156, 5248 and 5266 bp deletions. These deletions are new and have not been found in the published works in the world so far. The 4977 bp deletion did not depend on the pathological characteristics of patients with breast cancer as age of patient, TNM stage, grade of differentiation.


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Trang, L. H., Tu Linh, N. T., Ha, D. M., To, T. V., & Thai, T. H. (2015). The mitochondrial dna 4977 bp deletion in breast cancer patients. Academia Journal of Biology, 37(1se), 111–116.




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